Many people believe that with age comes the use of more and more medication. Dr. Peter Osborne is a functional nutrition expert that helps those that live in Richmond, TX. His office is located in Sugar Land and he’s happy to help those in surrounding communities. 

Our Approach to Functional Medicine

When it comes to health, there is no one-size-fits-all plan to overcome it. Instead, they are often complex, having one or many factors contributing to them. Rather than prescribe medication to treat the symptoms like medical doctor do, Dr. Osborne digs deep to discover the root of the problem by evaluating nutrition, diet, and other lifestyle factors, and creates a plan of action from there.

He does so through his approach to functional nutrition which takes into account genetics and biochemistry along with diet, lifestyle, and even environmental factors such as pollution in the air or water. From there, an action plan is created which may include changes to diet, the implementation of exercise, or possibly supplementing with specific vitamins and minerals. With these changes, though, comes education and a deeper understanding of not only how the body works, but how incorporating these can promote health and well being.

Our Office is Near Richmond, Texas

While Origins Healthcare Center can be found in Sugar Land, we encourage all of our neighbors in the surrounding areas, including those in 77469, to explore and take advantage of our services. Richmond is just a short distance west of Sugar Land and just southwest of Houston. It too sits within the Houston metropolitan area.

We are Here for You

When it comes to your health, it’s never too late to start taking steps to encourage wellness and prevent disease. And, with the help of Dr. Osborne and his approach to functional nutrition, it can be easy. Call now to schedule your appointment today!

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