Dr. Peter Osborne is a functional nutrition expert who works with those who live in Rosenberg, TX.  Located in Sugar Land, Texas, Dr. Osborne of the Origins Healthcare Center is happy to use this approach on clients that live in Rosenberg and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose to Work With a Functional Nutrition Expert

With functional nutrition (sometimes referred to as functional medicine), the goal is simple – to bring a client back to health by identifying lifestyle factors that should be changed based on the circumstances of the individual. It starts by establishing a comprehensive health background. From there, Dr. Osborne may look at diet, lifestyle, environmental factors, one’s psychological and spiritual state, as well as complete analysis to identify food reactions, sensitivities, or intolerances.

Once information is gathered, an action plan is put into place to change those lifestyle factors that will help promote wellness. This could be through changes in diet, exercise, or even with the implementation of supplements. Furthermore, this process allows for no medications, surgeries, injections, or controlled substances prescribed. The plan consists of solely giving the body what it needs. 

Working with the Community of Rosenberg, Texas

Though located in Sugar Land, Origins Healthcare Center is just a short distance from Rosenberg and the surrounding areas. Rosenberg is part of Fort Bend County as well as the Houston-Sugar Land-The Woodlands metropolitan area. It sits just southwest of these cities.

Let Us Answer Your Questions Today!

Are you interested in functional nutrition, but still have some questions? Give us a call and speak with one of our team members today. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to not only improve your health but have you living your best life!

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