Doctor Osborne is a functional nutrition expert near Stafford, TX. He and his team at Origins Healthcare Center can work with you to address the underlying nutritional health concerns you are dealing with. Our office is located in Sugar Land, Texas, which is not far from Stafford and the surrounding areas.

We Take a Different Approach to Health

With traditional medicine, most doctors are not trained in nutrition or physical fitness, which are at the root of several medical conditions. This often leads them to prescribe medications that are geared at treating symptoms rather than the heart of the condition. Even with medication, the underlying cause can continue and side effects of the prescribed drugs may create a whole new set of issues. 

With Dr. Osborne, however, his approach is quite different. Not only will he take into account your goals, but he will look at toxins in your environment, your diet, lifestyle, and even your mental and emotional outlook. He creates a partnership with every client and ensures they get the education they need to turn their health around.

Providing Functional Nutrition for Stafford, Texas

Though located in Sugar Land, the Origins Healthcare Center is proud to serve those that live in and around the area. Stafford, though it hosts a small community, extends into both Fort Bend and Harris Counties and makes up part of the Houston Metropolitan area. Like Sugar Land, it sits just southwest of the city.

Schedule an Appointment With Dr. Osborne!

If traditional medical practices are no longer working and you are simply looking for a different approach, call our office today. Dr. Osborne is a functional nutrition expert near Stafford. Our team will be happy to share more about our nutritional practice, which sets us apart from others. Please call for more info.

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