At the Origins Healthcare Center, Dr. Peter Osborne and his team take a more personal approach to health care. As a functional nutritional expert, doctor Osborne works with you to get to the root of your issues rather than solely treating symptoms. Our office is located in Sugar Land, Texas. We are committed to helping our community in the Houston metroplex and the surrounding areas.

We Specialize in Functional Nutrition

Our practice takes the time to look at a client holistically. It includes diving into their nutrition, environmental factors, and lifestyle,  to rule out nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, and more.  This in-depth approach helps 

Every person is different and therefore, each plan of action is created to suit that individual. These may include education in how the body operates that lead to changes including: 

  • What you eat
  • Your exercise program
  • Lifestyle and environmental changes
  • Supplements 

We Serve Clients in Sugar Land, Texas

At Origins Healthcare Center, our team considers the relationship with our clients to be a true partnership. That is why we find a privilege to serve our friends and neighbors in our city and the surrounding areas. Sugar Land is considered to be part of the Houston Metroplex and is located just nineteen miles southwest of the city. 

Set Up Your Consultation With For a Functional Nutrition Evaluation!

If you are dealing with a specific health issue or just want to feel better, it may be time to give Dr. Osborne and his team a call. While you won’t find a “quick fix” in functional nutrition, you will find a holistic approach to health that will not only not require prescription drugs but will create a better lifestyle. Call now and set up your consultation today!

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